Discover another way of diving. Just come onboard and enjoy the ride, drinks and snacks between the dives in our safe and comfortable cabin area where more than 10 people can sit. Toilet is on the boat, too. Our famous rooftop provides another memorable fun, jumping off of it into the blue. Don’t look farther, you are home. Enjoy the Bubbles with us.

1Fun Dive For FREE* for every Pack 5 or Diving course

10% Discount if you have your own full set of gear or if you are a diving professional

All inclusive Fun Dive.everything is included in the price. no bad surprises

  • 1 Fun dive 450.000 RP
    (~29 €)
  • Pack 3 Fun Dives 1.200.000 RP
    (~79 €)
  • Pack 5 Fun Dives 1.900.000 RP
    (~124 €)
  • Pack 7 Fun Dives 2.580.000 RP
    (~170 €)
  • 10 or more Fun Dives 320.000 RP/dive
    (~27 €)
  • Scuba Refresh 550.000 RP
    (~30 €)


  • Shore Dive 190.000 RP
    (~12 €)
  • Night/Early morning Dive 600.000 RP/dive
    (~33 €)
  • Gear Rental 250.000 RP/day
    (~13 €)

    Avaliable: Camera, GoPro, Dive Computer

Our offers/prices are individuals, per person, per use.

Book Now and get a Fun Dive for FREE*!


Bubble Addict offers a wide variety of diving courses. The rental of diving gear is included in the price*. Our course selection covers all skill levels, from total beginners to future diving professionals. All of our courses are SSI or PADI certified. 

*We offer a 10% discount if you have your diving gear.

First Step

Great entry-level courses for anyone, total beginners included. NO prior diving experience is required. Our expert diving instructors will make sure you begin your first diving steps safely while having joy at the same time.

  • Discover Scuba Diving 650.000 RP
    (~43 €)
  • Scuba Diver 2.900.000 RP
    (~190 €)
  • Open Water Diver 4.500.000 RP
    (~276 €)

Upgrade Your Skills

Build up your knowledge with an advanced set of courses that will elevate your skills and confidence.

  • Adventure Diver 770.000 RP
    (~49 €)
  • Advance Adventurer 3.750.000 RP
    (~226 €)
  • Diving Specialities 2.900.000 RP
    (~185 €)
  • Pack of 3 Specialities 7.400.000 RP
  • React Right 1.900.000 RP
    (~110 €)
  • Rescue Diver 4.500.000 RP

Go Pro

Go pro with our advanced courses. Learn the advanced diving techniques and get ready to conquer the oceans. 

Note: To become SSI certified Divemaster you need 5 dives recorded in 5 different specialties.
There are already 2 specialities included in Divemaster course.

  • Zero to Hero 29.150.000 RP
    (~1880 EUR)

    From Open Water to Divemaster

  • Advanced + Rescue Diver + First Aid + 3 Diving Specialities + Divemaster 25.000.000 RP
    (~1600 EUR)
  • Rescue Diver + First Aid + 3 Diving Specialities + Divemaster 21.200.000 RP
    (~1250 EUR)
  • 3 Diving Specialities + Divemaster 15.900.000 RP
    (~950 EUR)
  • Divemaster 11.400.000 RP
    (~700 EUR)

Price does not include SSI membership application which is paid directly to SSI after your certification.

PADI certification costs an extra 75 EUR. Price does not include the Divemaster crew pack. It costs ~200€ and is mandatory to obtain a PADI Dive Master certificate, you can buy it HERE.

Book Now and get a Fun Dive for FREE*!

*fun dive on the house reef for a minimum of 5 Fun Dives or a full course with us.

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