How to get here

By plane, or by boat!

Here’s some information about all the available options to help you decide which type of transport suits you best.

By boat

Fast Ferry (c. 1 hour, IDR80,000 economy, IDR100,000 business)
leaves at 09.30 and 16:00 from Banda Aceh; 08.30 & 14:30 from Sabang Pulau Weh (April 2016).

For the moment the fast ferry called
“Pulo Rondo”only runs twice a day departing from Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh
and from Pulau Weh to Banda Aceh until further notice.

Motorcycles and cars are not allowed on the fast ferrybut bicycles can be shipped for IDR50,000.

Slow Ferry (c. 2.5h, IDR25,000). Leaves Banda Aceh at 8:00 and 14:00and from Pulau Weh at 08:00 and 14:00.
Sometimes there are two trips/day with an extra trip at 11am.
You can take motorbikes and cars on this for a small fee.

By plane

If you want to come from either Europe or America, the best way its to land in Kuala Lumpur

and from there take a flight to Banda Aceh.

You can also find a direct flight from
Medan (Sumatra) to Sabang (Pulau Weh).

You can find your plane ticket