The marine life around Pulau Weh is superb on fringing reefs, walls and canyons. It’s possible to see Blacktip and Whitetip Sharks, school of barracuda, jack fish and bonito. Our island is also the home of so many chriters like frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, ghost and robust pipefish and more…

On Pulau Weh we dive all year around, and during the right season we can see the migration of the Devil ray, you can also cross the pathway of manta ray and mola mola or the famous whale shark


Located where the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea meet, Pulau weh offer an incredible amount of underwater life, the water is always between 28 and 30 degree Celsius what is perfect for the plankton to develop and flourish and so attract such an amont of life.

There are over 20 dive sites around Pulau Weh click here for more details, Pulau Rubiah and other surrounding islands. Many of the dive sites are suitable for all levels of divers but there are also some strong drift dives and deep decompression dives that are only for experienced divers.

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Take a seat, grab yourself a good cup of coffee or fresh juice, while we register you. Our dedicated team will help you to find and fit your equipment.

You deserve the best : Bubble Addict is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality scuba diving equipment.
Our team is always checking, cleaning and maintaining our gears. Every year, they partake in a refresher training for equipment maintenance with our suppliers.

Your safety is our priority : We are very aware that each time you dive, you rely on our equipment to keep you safe during dive. Our diving tanks are checked after every dive and opened for cleaning every 6 moths as well as our compressor.

The dive center is equipped with three fresh water rinse tanks for dive gear and cameras. Adjacent to the rinse tanks is 2 fresh water shower to rinse the salt off of your skin and a drying area to hang your gear.

Typsy toby cafe
In our cafe, you find locally sourced fresh juices, the best coffee on the beach and if you are snackish, there’s breakfast available with fresh fruit salad, pain perdu, scrambled eggs, etc For lunch, we’ve got some Naan pizza , famous sandwich, Hummus wrap and more.

Always with friendly atmosphere and if you’re lucky, our barista/guitarist will play a song for you.

Spacious shop, changing room, shower and toilet, tropical garden, classroom for studying, logging dives, having a chat, Gear room for those arriving with their own equipment, Wi-Fi.

Our Chill’ boat

Our boat can bring you everywhere around with its engine of 240 horse power, 16 meters long and the maximum capacity of 15 divers.

This navire offers you such a comfortable space: a large diving equipment area, a large deck and a rooftop for the surface interval or for sunbathing , briefing and teaching sheltered from rain and wind. We also have a toilet on board as well as an oxygen tank and a first-aid kit.
Our radio is connected directly to the coast guard rescue center in Sabang.

We offer trips of 2 or 3 dives with lunch, some snacks, fruits, tea, coffee and fresh water. All included in the price.

Possibility to privatise the boat per day if you are a group of friends up to 15 people maximum. Contact us for more infos.

Let´s go diving with Bubble Addict!

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