FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by cash, credit card (with 5% charge) or TransferWise (0.9% charge in any currency).

When is it mandatory to do a Scuba Refresh?
The current standards are that after a period of 6 months without diving the Scuba Refresh is mandatory.

What are the differences between SSI and PADI?
The main difference is in the way of teaching. SSI is more »human to human«, more conservative with the safety procedure and it can also be cheaper.
SSI, PADI, and most of the International diving federations share a common recognition and compatibility.

What is TransferWise?
TransferWise is one of the cheapest ways to pay your expenses during your travel around the world. The charge is only 0,9% in any currency and the money transfer only takes a few hours. Read more about the service in this article.

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