Dive sites in pulau weh, sumatra

Let the diving begin!

1 Limdo Gapang

Limbo is only five minutes from our dive center by boat.The dive site is perfect for both begginer and experienced divers. The top of the pinnacle is at 7m and we can descend to 30m with a beautiful view on the way down as we see Cuttle Fish, Octopus and such. There are often big schools of the Fusiliers, Peacock Mantis Shrimp and of course, the magnificent Turtle!

2 Gapang house reef

​Our House Reef is a dive site with alternating sandy areas and coral “potatoes”, providing us with a perfect environment to learn to dive or enjoy night dives or early morning dives.Look for the benches of razorfish, blue dot stripe and murene ribbon, ghost pipefish, pipefish, at least 5 different kinds of scorpionfish (flying, rock ..). and the famous fish chest horn. Concentrate on the little things and you’ll find dozens of shrimp, nudibranchs, seahorses and crabs.In the deeper zone (24m), there is a rocky reef perfect for macro lovers. This dive site will delight photographers.ACCESSIBLE AT ALL LEVELS


The East side of Rubiah Island is basically a beautiful Green Coral garden that matches with the Green Coral Crab ! Many differents varieties of the Wrasses are around! Watch out, you might see some Devil Rays, too! It is a beautiful spot with a very chilled beach where divers would always enjoy a cup of tea between two dives.

4 Rubiah Jetty


5 arus paleeh

Got your reef hooks? You might use it in this site! This natural beauty wonder is situated between two big channels that give a great location to enjoy the current! The marine life surrounds and flies by you here so hold your regulator and enjoy it! Most of the Drift courses are taught here in this dive site.


SELAKO TIMUR (East) Diving site generally drifting, lined with boulders, hard corals and sea fans. Site preserved and very full of fish. You will be able to cross on this site: pelagics, such as feathered trevallies, dogtooth tunas, lingua or mackerels, barracudas and rifle banks that are relatively frequent. As well as benthic species, such as leaf fish, lobsters, lionfish flying, moray eels, schools of anthias, blue toothfish triggerfish, nudibranchs and shrimps


The coral reef of SEULAKO BARAT will blow away the minds of most divers! Very peaceful and well protected from most currents, its reef is most spectacular at aproximately 20m.There are many species of juvenile or adult Grouper, Moorish Idol, Bubble Coral Shrimp, Varicose Nudibranches, Oriental Sweetlips and many other…

8 BAtee tokong

Are you ready? This is a MUST DIVE if you’re visiting Pulau Weh!The beautiful pinnacle, Batee Tokong goes deep and is located between a channel and the open ocean. Its, sometimes, strong current has created one of the richest marine life that offers the best underwater biodiversity in the world.From small aquatic life as Nudibranches, Zanzibar WhipCoral Shrimp to Unicorn Fish, Giant Trevally,  Reef Sharks, Mobula Rays, Giant Barracuda.

9 shark plateau


10 batee gla


11 the canyon


12 pante Peunateung


13 bak kopra


14 Mauduroe


15 anoe itam


16 Sophie r. Wreck


17 U W volcano


18 Batee Dua

Batee Dua is very close to our beach. That’s why people love to snorkel over it. If you descend a little deeper, all around these rocks, you find nice marine life full of Box Fishes, Lion Fish, Snow Flake Moray, Cuttle Fish, and some times an Eagle Ray or a Devil Ray.

19 batee MEURORUN

MEURORUN is another dive site nearby. The “Macro” fans love to dive down here!On these massive rocks, there are a lot of Feather Sea Star, Ghost PipeFish, Nudibranches, Shrimps and more. In its deepest section, we often find some beautiful Green Coral. Safety stops can be uneventful in many dive sites around the world but not here! Our three minutes here can be quite enjoyable with a lot of marine life around.

20 rondo island


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