Our Accommodation

The Classic Bungalow

Price per night
200.000 RP ~ 13 €
  • 1 or 2 Guests
  • Queen Size Bed
  • Ceiling Cooling Fan
  • Private Bathroom
  • Terrace for relaxation

The Fancy Bungalow

Price per night
275.000 RP ~ 18 €
  • 1or 2 Guests
  • Tropical Garden View
  • King Size Bed
  • Ceiling Cooling Fan
  • Spacious Bathroom and Outside Shower
  • Big Balcony
  • Beautiful Decoration

The Dormitory

Price per night for one bed
75.000 RP ~ 5 €
  • Shared room, up to 6 Guests
  • Lockers for Valuable Items
  • 25 square meters of space
  • Multiple Cooling Fans
  • Seperate Bathroom and Toilet
  • Terrace for Relaxation

The Fancy Bungalow

Are you looking for the best accommodation option? 

Does exotic garden, large private terrace and king-size bed sound good?

Our premium accommodation – “The Fancy Bungalow” overlooking the tropical garden and large private terrace – is simply the best you can get.

Perfect for couples who want to enjoy a romantic holiday in Indonesia, or for individuals who are looking for a wonderful, calming and relaxing stay on the Pulau Weh island, close to the ocean and our dive center, where you can experience unforgettable moments of your life – underwater!

There is a comfortable king-size bed, a ceiling cooling fan for hot nights and a spacious exotic bathroom with outdoor shower, which offers a unique view of the tropical garden.

The Classic Bungalow

Do you prefer simple, classic and comfortable accommodation?

Find your comfort in our most popular accommodation option. The Classic Bungalow offers the best value for money and is therefore suitable for everyone staying on beautiful Indonesian island – Pulau Weh.

This bungalow is comfortable and spacious and is equipped with a queen size bed, table and chairs. A private outdoor terrace is available for some moments of peace and relaxation.

The location of the bungalow close to our dive center and the ocean makes it a great option for divers, couples or individuals who want an unforgettable stay in Pulau Weh, Indonesia.

The Dormitory

Are you easily bored? Will you travel or dive with a group of friends in Indonesia? Do you love to meet new interesting people?

Choose our third accommodation option and share a room with friends or adventurous divers, interesting travellers and other nice people who want to stay on this beautiful Indonesian island.

Our spacious dormitory can comfortably accommodate up to six guests. There are several cooling fans for your comfort, a separate bathroom and toilet. Each guest also has a private locker for storing valuables. Outside there is a beautifully decorated terrace where you can relax, socialise and enjoy your stay.

The dormitory is located near the ocean, in the north-western part of the Pulau Weh island, and is therefore perfect for divers!

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