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Bubble Addict, a diving school on Pulau Weh located at the end of Gapang beach offers a wide selection of training from intro dive to dive master. We teach diving courses on Pulau Weh in English, French, Japanese, and Indonesian, in small groups with customized training,

Bubble Addict diving school provides safe and quality diving training in a fun environment in Pulau Weh. For your training you can choose between SSI and PADI.

we are partnered with most of the scuba diving federations :

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We also offer yoga classes on the second floor of our dive center taught by Tomomi from Flying Elephant Yoga, and a whole variety of other activities like jungle trek, trip to the waterfall and around the island plus all the vast nature of Pulau Weh can offer.

Capture your adventure underwater in Pulau Weh while diving with us with our professional photographer and videographer.

So what are you waiting for ? Come and join us for an unforgettable moment of living, diving and soaking up the sunshine on Pulau Weh.



Foto udara pulau Weh dari pesawat CN-235 220 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) TNI AL saat patroli laut di wilayah Barat pulau Sumatra, Sabang, Naggroe Aceh Darussalam, Kamis (7/5). Kota Sabang yang terletak di Pulau Weh merupakan sebuah pulau di sebelah utara kota Banda Aceh memiliki banyak daerah tujuan wisata terutama wisata kuliner, taman laut, bahari dan alam. ANTARA FOTO/M Agung Rajasa/Rei/pd/15.

“The hidden gem of Indonesia”

Weh Island or Pulau Weh or Pulo Weh  (by the local population commonly referred to only as “Sabang”, the name of the largest city) is a small active volcanic island to the northwest of Sumatra, 45 minutes by fast regular ship or 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh. It was originally connected to the Sumatran mainland and became separated by sea after the volcano’s last eruption in the Pleistocene era. The island is situated in the Andaman Sea. The largest city on the island, Sabang, is the northernmost outpost of Indonesia.

The island is known for its ecosystem; the Indonesian government has declared 60 square kilometers (23 sq mi) of inland and sea around the island as a wildlife protection area. A rare megamouth shark species was found on shore and the island is the only habitat for the threatened toad, Duttaphrynus valhallae (formerly Bufo valhallae). Coral reef areas around the island are known for their large variety of fish species.

Our Equipment & Facilities

You deserve the best : Bubble Addict focused on providing good scuba diving equipment to our guests. Our technicians always checking, cleaning and maintaining our gears. Every year, they got a refresher training with our suppliers.

Your safety is our priority : We are very aware that each time you dive you are trusting your life to the equipment you use. Our diving tanks are checked and cleaned every 6 months as well as our compressor.

The dive center is equipped with three fresh water rinse tanks for dive gear and cameras. Our rinse tanks are even lighted at night so that you won’t misplace any gear! Adjacent to the rinse tanks is 2 fresh water shower to rinse the salt off of your skin and a drying area to hang your gear to dry.

Our commitment to your safety and fun shines from the moment you enter our shop. Take a seat, grab yourself a good cup of coffee or fresh water, while we register you. Fit your equipment and meet our dedicated team.

Spacious shop, Changing room, Shower and toilet, Tropical garden, Areas for studying, logging dives, having a chat, Gear room for those arriving with their own equipment, Wi-Fi.

Why choose bubble addict ?



• No bad surprises, everything is included in the price !

• Get 10% discount if you are an instructor or if you have your own equipment

• You can choose between SSI & PADI.

• For us it’s important to follow the SSI and PADI diving standards

• We speak French, English, Japanese, Indonesian…..

• It’s always important to feel supported when we are ADDICTS… 😉